Racist Ranting

So I met this woman on line and we were sitting having drinks on our third date, when I noticed she was in a bad mood.  Being concerned, I asked if she was ok.   “No” She replied.  “The sink in my condo isn’t working.” “Have you had anyone take a look at it?” “Yeah, … [Read more…]

we’re growing!!

After a couple of requests, we have been asked to expand and create a new website for all the silly/irritating/stupid things our spouses/friends/colleagues/bosses etc. do.  Would you check that site out?  Rules would be the same as they are here, no names or locations and keep it clean.   Let us know what you think!

Introduction Abduction

Finding new people to date or meet is hard enough now a days, unless you want to do the dreaded online! I was contacted through Facebook by an acquaintance from high school. We barely said hi, however, he asked me for coffee. The next day, we met at a local java shop. He looked the … [Read more…]

Are those wedding bells I hear?

So I met a nice young woman and we went out on a few dates. Things seemed to be going really well until she found out I was planning a boy’s weekend about a month into the relationship. “you can’t go away that weekend.  We have the engagement party” “whose?” “ours silly!” To this day … [Read more…]

Language Barrier

I met a lovely young woman online, and after trading a few messages, I got her phone number.  I waited a few days to call.  When I did, we had a fantastic phone conversation that went over an hour.  At the end of the call we agreed to meet for a coffee the next day. … [Read more…]

Stalker Talker

I went out for coffee for a first date with this guy I had been talking to. As we are sitting in the restaurant talking about so many things we have in common, he starts to tell me about the girl who was his “first”. It was not so creepy in the beginning until he … [Read more…]

Go Team Go

I went on a date to a local sporting event and half way through the game, my date’s sister started engaging him in an argument about nothing of any importance over text message. Instead of saying to her that he was busy right now, he fell right into it and I just sat there, fuming. … [Read more…]

World of Warcraft

I had met this guy on a dating site and we had chatted there for some time. He was a decade younger than I was so I hesitated meeting him but he assured me we would have lots in common, so I agreed. We went to a very nice restaurant for dinner and while we … [Read more…]

ummm… wha?

I was in a coffee shop, having a nice conversation with this woman.  All of the sudden she stopped, cocked her head to one side and looked at me.  “Are you ok?”  I asked her. “Of course,” she replied.  “I just need to make a quick call”. She pulled out her cellphone in front of … [Read more…]